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Message from the Chief

Chief Jon RemyThe operational Mission of the Turner Fire District has remained virtually unchanged since 1939 and even before. TFD is a small group of firefighters, emergency medical technicians and support team members who intervene quickly and effectively in the lives of community members facing the threats of fire, rescue and medical emergencies.

Over the years, our system has changed in some important ways. We have added an excellent 911 system. We enjoy a substantial fleet of very safe, reliable vehicles. Our personnel are trained to national standards and several of our EMT's have advanced to the level of Paramedic. We enjoy excellent personal protective gear and we have augmented our volunteer staff with a few paid personnel. These changes are important and they occur not only because we have dedicated volunteers but because we have the extraordinary, unwavering support of our local Turner community.

Even as we have changed, our system has maintained some very important features from our distant past. We continue to rely on volunteers. We always have and we will for many years into the future. It takes a lot of people to provide fire protection and we could not do it without educated, compassionate, well-equipped volunteers. That has been true since our beginning.

Beyond our proud tradition of volunteerism, we have maintained an excellent relationship with our local community. We work hard to earn the continued respect of our local neighbors by taking an active role in our community. We facilitate the community food and toy drive at Christmas. We host Santa's annual visit. And we participate in the Lamb Show each June with our Annual Lamb Show Breakfast. Beyond these events, we sponsor the community bicycle helmet program, visit our schools, partner with the CERT and work very closely with Turner Police Department, Turner Public Works Department and City of Turner Administration.

These partnerships extend to our counterparts at Aumsville Fire, Jefferson Fire, Stayton Fire, Salem Fire and Marion County Fire District #1, Falck Ambulance and Santiam Ambulance. These important partnerships make our community a safer place to live and work. They make our emergency operations more safe for our responders and they give us an opportunity to return the favor to neighboring communities. Cooperation has become a central part of our continued success.

Finally, we keep a focus on the long-term. We currently enjoy the public safety dividends on huge investments and sacrifices made by those who came many years before us and we aim every day, to leave a viable & vibrant public safety system for those who will come after us. Our goal is to hand off an organization that is well-prepared for the unknown future.

Well-prepared means well-informed! If you want to express praise to the volunteers for the work they do, give me a call and I will gladly pass along your support. If you see an opportunity for us to do a better job, I hope you will call, too. I am glad to hear praise but I am equally interested in hearing constructive criticism when it is aimed at helping us improve our services.

Again, if you would like to talk about any aspect of our operation, if you have a suggestion for us or if you would like to become part of our team, I will be glad to hear from you. Truly, this is your fire district! Call anytime.

Chief Jon Remy
(503) 743-2190