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Marion County Fire Agencies Enact High-Fire Danger Burn Ban Information:

No Burn Ban in effect at this time. 

Marion County fire agencies include: Aumsville Fire District, Drakes Crossing Fire District, Gates Fire District, Hubbard Fire District, Idanha Detroit Fire District, Jefferson Fire District, Keizer Fire District, Lyons Fire District, Marion County Fire District #1, Mill City Fire District, Monitor Fire District, Mount Angel Fire District, Silverton Fire District, St. Paul Fire District, Salem Fire Department, Stayton Fire District, Sublimity Fire District, Turner Fire District, and Woodburn Fire District. Burning restrictions are authorized under Oregon Revised Statute 478.960 and Oregon Fire Code 307.  


The Turner Fire District does not decide when to allow backyard burning in our fire district. The D.E.Q. makes that decision and the TFD voluntarily announces it on the daily burning information phone line. In extremely dry or hot conditions, the TFD may temporarily ban all burning in our district, however, the day-to-day decisions about burning are made by the D.E.Q.

Complaints about illegal burning should generally be directed to the D.E.Q. However, all fires that pose an immediate threat to safety should be reported immediately to the 911 dispatch center. Unfortunately, many catastrophic fires could have been easily contained if they had been reported sooner.

Burning Information

Daily Burn Information Line
(877) 982-0011 Toll free (Updated daily)

Open Burning Seasons

SPRING – March 1 through June 15
FALL – October 1 through December 15

Open Burning Safety – Burn Responsibly

• Fires must be attended until the fire is completely burned out or extinguished
• Keep the space around the burn area clear (3 feet of non-combustible materials)
• Do not locate the fire under overhead lines, overhanging trees, near fences or structures
• Always have a hand tool and/or water at the burn area to control the fire

Open Burning Questions or Complaints

Contact Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at (503) 378-8240 http://www.oregon.gov/deq/aq/Pages/Burning.aspx

Backyard Burning (Open Burning)

Is the burning of debris in an outdoor fireplace, burn barrel, backyard incinerator, or piles of yard debris. You may only burn during Open Burning Seasons - call the daily burn information line before you burn.

Allowed Materials - What can I burn?

You may burn dry yard debris: wood, needles, or leaves from plants grown and burned on the property of origin.

Prohibited Materials - What I can't burn?

Tires, plastics, decomposable garbage (organic material, paper), petroleum and petroleum-treated materials, asphalt and asphalt materials, chemicals (pesticides, cleaners, detergents), or any material that produces black or dense smoke.

Agricultural Burning

Agricultural burning is the burning of any agriculture waste generated by an agricultural operation that uses, or intends to use, land primarily for the purpose of obtaining a profit by raising, harvesting, and selling crops or raising or selling animals (including poultry) or the products of animal husbandry. Prohibited materials, such as tires, may not be burned even in an agricultural setting.

Open burning for agricultural purposes is usually allowed anywhere in the state, unless fire safety concerns restrict or prohibit burning on a given day. Agricultural open field burning, the burning of residue left from the harvest of a grass seed crop, is regulated in the Willamette Valley under a separate program operated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Questions about field burning should be directed to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. DEQ approval is not required for agricultural permits. Contact your local fire department to inquire if an agricultural burn permit is otherwise needed.  Individual fire districts may issue fire permits and may prohibit open burning based on local fire safety or air quality concerns. Always contact the burn information line to find out if agricultural burning is authorized on a particular day.

If you would like an agricultural burning permit, call the TFD at (503) 743-2190.

Burn Ban

All agricultural burning from June 15th through October 15th requires a burn permit issued by Turner Fire District (503) 743-2190 or Oregon Department of Forestry (503) 859-2151. All other open burning is prohibited during the Burn Ban.

Field Burning

The burning of residue left from the harvest of a grass seed crop is regulated by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. If you have a complaint about field burning, please call the Department of Agriculture at (503) 986-4709.