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FireMed LogoThe Turner Fire District is pleased to offer you an opportunity to participate in our FireMed ambulance membership program. The benefits of FireMed are explained in detail in the brochure link found on this webpage. FireMed covers 100% of your ambulance bill if you do not have insurance. If you do have insurance, we will bill your insurance company, but we will not bill you for the deductible amount and/or the amount not paid by your insurance. FireMed is an inter-agency reciprocal ambulance billing agreement covering much of the state of Oregon.

There are no hassles, no membership card to fuss with, just a simple mention of FireMed is all you need. It's that easy!

FireMed does not cover transportation to routine doctor visits or return trips from the hospital, but it does cover all other emergency ambulance transportation, not just from Turner but from many surrounding communities participating in the FireMed program.

To enroll in FireMed, simply fill out the membership application which you can download from this website and return it with your annual payment of $60. This payment covers you, your spouse and dependents (as outlined in brochure) living in your home for the year. We will send out renewal notices each year and the choice to renew each year is up to you, no strings attached.

TFD ambulanceParticipation in FireMed is not required for ambulance response. If you have any type of fire or medical emergency, do not hesitate to call 911. We gladly respond to every call for help in our community and we are proud to serve you!

Sometimes when our TFD ambulance is out on another call, our neighbors may be called in to help transport you or your family members. If you are a FireMed member and you do receive a bill for ambulance service, please come by the office or call us and we will help take care of notifying the ambulance provider of your membership in FireMed.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at (503) 743-2190. Whether you are a member of FireMed or not, be assured that we remain ready to respond to your call 24 hours every single day.


Download additional FireMed information.