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Values & Principles


We value positive attitudes within an organization free from physical, emotional and mental threat—
one where individuals, led by the example of others, are inspired to grow, explore, and experiment.


We value individual and organizational actions based on values, principles and goals.


We value loyalty to our history, our mission, our community, and our co-workers, reflected in speech and action.

Non-Traditional Thinking

We value a creative approach to problem solving.


We value a professional image that earns the public’s support, trust and confidence.

Financial Integrity

We value financial integrity directed at achieving organizational goals and the responsible stewardship of Turner Fire District resources.


We value determination to speak truth at all times, to openly admit mistakes and to freely acknowledge the strengths of others.


We value respect for persons of all levels of experience, rank, social status, gender, religion, cultural background and/or affiliation.


We value a positive approach to people and problems—a willingness to share knowledge and to encourage others.


We value ethical, open, effective and efficient communication between all persons.


We value the investment of resources in anticipating and preparing for situations before they occur.


We value a determination to view ourselves and the organization in terms of our potential—what we can be.


We value supportive relationships that are open, honest and embracing of all current and potential members of the Turner Fire District. We value a willingness to foster healthy relationships with allied agencies and associations.


We value an open and pleasant approach to letting others view our work, to accept credit and criticism, and to holding each other accountable for our actions regardless of rank, status or position.


We value an individual’s determination to remain physically, mentally and emotionally ready for effective response to calls for assistance.


We value both the individual’s and the organization’s responsibility to pursue and support continuing education.

Hard Work

We value maximizing time and resources in the direct pursuit of organizational goals.