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What We Do

Community Volunteer MembersSince 1939, the Turner Community has relied on the volunteer services of citizen firefighters who risk their own lives and invest valuable time in responding effectively to the fire emergencies that occur in our community. Over the years, education and community support have allowed the TFD to add to our mission and capabilities including an Advanced Life Support Ambulance, state of the art fire apparatus and a small number of paid positions.

Community members facing emergency circumstances call 911 to report the problem. The dispatch center immediately activates pagers and radios worn by volunteers who live and work in Turner. Some volunteers are teaching school. Some are raising children. Some are operating businesses. Some are young. Some are old. Many are women. All are dedicated to effective community service.

When the pagers are activated, some personnel respond directly to the scene. Others respond to the station where they staff the appropriate fire apparatus or ambulance and respond to the emergency. The system works beautifully but it only works when there are an adequate number of educated, dedicated volunteers available to respond. More than 600 times each year, the volunteers of the TFD respond to medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, structure fires, wildland fires and hazmat scenes. These emergencies are handled quickly and efficiently only because volunteers are prepared and available!

Beyond emergency response, TFD personnel host an annual community breakfast each June, invite Santa to meet community children each December, conduct a food & toy drive each winter and provide gifts and food baskets each Christmas. It is a busy schedule but it is full of very important activities that make this community a safe and enjoyable place to live and work.

You Can be a Volunteer Firefighter!

Volunteer FirefightersTurner is my town! I had the privilege of growing up here, attending our schools and our churches, playing in our parks, working in our berry fields and creating some of my deepest friendships—all here in Turner. After time away at college, I had the rare opportunity to return to Turner where my wife and I raise our kids, manage our farm and work hard to make a little difference in our community. Among other interests, I have the honor of serving as the Chief of Turner Fire District.

I am not the first person to love this community and I am not the first person to invest huge amounts of energy in preserving our quality of life. I am just one of many people who have over the years, committed to a life of service in Turner.

This rich mission and our rich history are built on the backs of caring community members who see livability as a noble cause and who are willing to invest personal time and energy in preserving what has been given to us. This livability we aim to preserve did not come cheaply and it is worth defending.

I speak for the entire Turner Community when I extend deep and sincere gratitude to the countless volunteers who have served over the years. And further, I extend our gratitude to the many young people who will be serving in the coming decades. Our community is a great place to live because people like you are willing to invest in our safety.

Volunteers NeededIf you are thinking about joining our team, you might want to know...

  1. Volunteer firefighters often come to the TFD with no training and no experience. TFD volunteers attend the Santiam Academy with other volunteer recruits from all around South Marion County. Academy is designed for a wide variety of men and women who are working hard already to manage busy lives and families. Classes are on one weekend day and one evening each week for about 3 months.
  2. There is no financial expense to our volunteers. However, there is a considerable commitment of time and energy, especially in the early training phase. The district provides all equipment, protective clothing, pagers, etc.
  3. New TFD Volunteers must live within the Turner Fire District, have a spotless criminal record, an excellent driving record, use absolutely no recreational drugs and be team-oriented.
  4. Our TFD training program is accredited by the State of Oregon and our NFPA firefighter certifications are recognized around the country.

The Process...

  1. Call Chief Remy at the TFD office and arrange to stop by for a visit and an application.
  2. Complete the application, gather the required references, sign the authorization for a detailed background check and return the packet to TFD.
  3. When the background check is complete, you will be invited for a tour of the fire station and an interview with Chief Remy.
  4. Successful candidates will be invited to attend drill, receive a fire pager and protective clothing, be assigned to a mentor and begin responding to emergency calls.
  5. Candidates will be registered for the next Santiam Academy and before long, will be making a huge difference in their own community!

The Turner Fire District has made a huge and positive impact on my own life. I bet it will do the same for you! Give me a call.

Chief Jon Remy
(503) 743-2190